Tuesday —

I must try to find a way to refocus myself one day at a time. Being productive will only take me as far as the work I put in. While my work out period won’t be 3 months; I hope that two will suffice in preparation for the…

Monday —

I found myself doing light grocery shopping today; fixing small meals, and attending to myself. I listened to some Princeton radio to settle in my excitement for new music to be exposed to.

The majority of the day was Laundry and cooking beans behind the scenes; for which I have dinner provided on time for tonight.

All is well with me for today, and for now.

Friday —

Today I have to get my final Covid-19 Vaccine. I am excited to place the jab behind me with the mentality that I can be without masks in due time. The inconvenience of Covid-19 has befuddled me, to the point where any sense of normalcy will be appreciated.

The good news is that the room I have is clean from since before I left for Georgia, and that there is plenty of time to readjust anything that may not be at my comfort for the morning.

It should be a smooth experience, but I am hoping I am not receiving any of the symptoms when I finally get the jab. I’ll hope for the best that no symptoms find themselves to me in dealing with the vaccine.

Thursday —

Waiting on delay for the plane ticket back. I am excited for the baggage check because my hunger is taking over as I am staying in the concourse. The delay will be a little trying, but I think some phone conversation should help take the edge off.

I will check and create a travel itinerary around the regional rail from the airport to Woodbourne. The Palestine news cycle on the other hand is stifling, and as I am trying to be mindful of the news; it is daunting to see these people being attacked while Netanyahu is continuing the offensive.

I am most excited to sleep in my own bed; I felt bad overstaying; but I am happy I had the time to make the file conversions to YouTube, and I look forward to placing the Zucch video into the film festival.

Tuesday —

Yesterday I was able to wander into Grave Face Records and gander on an album. I am excited to look into it and lend my ears into something new. Time is pacing slowly, but because I am waiting on file conversions that either my computer memory; or the platform of YouTube are taking caution on the uploading (file sizes).

We helped Jared with his furniture yesterday, and it felt good to be able to help him set up a little bit. The singing exercise was fun as heck; it broke me out of fear of the unknown.

Maybe today I can take a Lyft and find myself at River Street. There seems to be potential in seeing something there to do.

Monday —

What a ridiculously splendid weekend! It felt amazing spending time in Savannah’s Two Tides Brewing, and Fog Festival collectively. There were energies of high frequency and fun times to be had. The music was a lot of fun to experience live.

I was able to upload my first…

Friday —

I am currently going with the flow; the coffee “Juggernaut” was delicious. “Perc” of the job for being awake at 8:00 A.M. for the almond milk, bananas, and shredded wheat. I just flew on an Aeroplane; an A320 for the Foo Fighters, but the words keep slipping from…

Thursday —

I will try something different today for journal, a short poem…


I peer outside the window; translucent to the flight;
Sight has many times seen great heights but anxiety brings fright.

Dot the eyes; Lucky T-shirt; I’m alright.

I must not make light of the subsequent bite

that elevated winds whip for plight

Turbulent as contrast called night.

simplicity is my fight; don’t count blessings

only happy thoughts of solace; I am just a kite;

who cares to know where the wind blows
I’m at peace; they are right by today I say.

Wednesday —

I guess I’m a little anxious as to how the airplane procedures differentiate themselves from when Covid isn’t happening. These procedures led to my getting a Covid test in case the “international” protocol is up for play.

I am partially excited and partially nervous; I want to have fun but I am putting pressure on myself to have a good video; maybe I should let go, have fun and the video will be a response of the fun that I’m having.

In the best case scenario, I am spending time with my friend and his family in trying to be supportive for the first time since the wedding. I feel like my absence was designed as a career move, but most times I do them, I wind up missing the people more. Heres to pleasant times in the south.

Tuesday —

I am beginning to pack for my trip to Georgia, and I had found an old t-shirt that would be an amazing piece of a quilt; as a means to transform the energy into something new.

As for the packing, I must travel lighter than expected; being that the stay should be as focused of a stay as humanly possible to be supportive. I am excited to support the music, and I am happy for the recent graduate.

What I can hope to do these next couple of days is to draw my attention to creating the best video possible with the footage I attain, while performing vigorous equipment checks.

Maurice Charles

Maurice A. Charles is an actor, writer, and poet. He reflects on his experiences on this medium.

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