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(Gonzo’s Journal) Redux 1/30/21


I am in the bias that we are already living in a society that markets both Capitalism and Socialism through the two party system as polar opposites of spectrum to the “Nation’s” demographics.

(We all have a reason to be here, no life is illegal, I spiritually believe in creation Cogito, Ergo, Sum)

So today, being that I am a beneficiary of both Capitalism and Socialism, I politically am experiencing the “Middle Class” passage as a Plutocrat, and wish to say my platform beliefs (illness) is that the monetary system should be transferred to the standard of solar, wind, water, soil.

In humor the “Captain Planet” attributes of heart and fire, are expounded solely on whether mankind realizes that what we do in our measurement of time is indeed the definition of “climate change.”

I for transparency am given a form of income, not typical to what is a day job; but socially feel the obligation to publish and contribute. My goal is to be “free”; the activism is making my content “free”; and the content a reflection of creating awareness of what may prevent future generations of all walks from being free under the national constraints.

I do not know the future, I merely study where the past dictates ideas that create borders on my personal thoughts, and many times I flamboyantly attempt to stick up for people and places where I’d have no business to, before myself. So self love is completely radical and essential as a tool in the future, and I smile on those who practice it.

My concern on self-love is to not make nationalist claims, rather humanist claims. I am unsettled that Bernie signed a non-disclosure agreement with the DNC, and allowed those who questioned the integrity of the 2016 election in real time their emotional and physical clout of being politically correct. I am not one to say whether staying where the money is; collectively is a good or bad idea, but the strategy of the Democratic party creating a regime change from John Podesta to Faiz Shakir does seem like a “race baiting” strategy regarding the election.

It is good to see a Muslim and Jewish man side by side, however not creating a cabinet fresh of the very self sabotage that discredited the primary and sided with the conceptualization of “Super Delegates” steers us further away from the “Republic” standard of one person one vote. I love the visual symbolism, however I don’t want physical identity to be the aphrodisiac to defining nationality.

I could vouch and say that there are Africans fair in skin and yet I don’t know whether they use their pigment to privilege. Those are social and capitalistic issues that effect each nation individually and I honestly predominately have my American and Caribbean/Middle Passage histories to connect myself to.

Furthermore the inherited generational debts associated with the Clintons are Alan Greenspan’s mortgage crisis, and the technology monopolies. Which Bernie’s method of paying for these bubbles is freeing the school debt.

This is the “bubble” that my generation is presenting as a sacrificial “cash cow” to the petrodollar; whereas once again my “Capitalist” leanings are as such that to free people from privatized utility; and to deliberately take the corporate money out of the politics; is adverse whereas the U.S. government runs as a corporation and is lended money from the federal reserve.

Internationally that is why we need an energy standard as a template that surpasses the petrodollar mentality if we ever are to even maintain the standard of living we have now.

This approach however is something that would more or less reset the economy, and that approach could be discomforting when the international market could be in contention to demonstrate socio-political systems that demonstrate sustainable “Nationalistic” models for the privilege of their banking system promoting their savings and loan principals as a “gold standard”, While a new nation of potential Kabuki theatre artists sell ideas to create “standards of living” to their constituents.

Maurice A. Charles is an actor, writer, and poet. He reflects on his experiences on this medium.